Places in Jaipur where Tourist Can Make An Elephant Ride in Jaipur

There are many famous tourist places in India where the tourists love to visit many times. Jaipur is one of those famous and popular tourist places of India, where tourist love to visit again and again.

Jaipur is also known as pink city of India. It is especially famous for its very different types of art and culture. The elephant safari in Jaipur is also a part this culture which makes it totally different of others destinations. That’s also a reason that tourist just love to come to visit the Jaipur and take the most famous elephant ride of Jaipur.

Places of Jaipur Where Tourists Can Make Elephant Ride

Jaipur is a very famous for elephant ride which is  also the representation the culture of Jaipur. But, mostly the elephant ride in Jaipur used for Tourism.  It means we can say that there’s no doubt that elephant ride is totally used to make visit the tourist on the elephants at the popular and famous places of Jaipur where the elephant safari and rising is allowed for visitors.

In Jaipur at following places elephant ride has allowed for the tourists:

Amer is only the place in Jaipur where elephant ride allowed for tourist in Jaipur that’s also a reason Amer is so popular among the Jaipur tourists.

Elephant Safari in Amer (Jaipur) – Amer is one of the most famous and popular tourist spots of Jaipur.  There are many places to visit in the Amer such as Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Kanak Vrindavan, Anokhi Museum, Eleday, Man Sagar Lake etc. A part of this Amer is also known for its famous elephant riding. But the elephant riding is only allowed at Amer fort.

  • Enjoy the Elephant Safari at Amer Fort – Amer Fort only the place in Jaipur where the elephant riding has allowed. At Amer fort almost 80 elephants, which carried around 900 tourists every day at a fix price almost Rs1000 per couple for 20 – 30 minutes approximate. In this elephant ride kids, man, woman everybody enjoys it very much. The timing of elephant ride depends on the elephant traffic at the fort. But, it takes approx. 30 minutes maximum. On the way, tourists can make the photo with elephants as a tip with the permission of elephant driver.
  • Eleday – Eleday had developed by the Rajasthan government in 2002 for the elephant safety. It is only the park in Jaipur where tourist can find well and trained elephants and also take enjoyment of elephant safari. It situated near Amer, which is also known as “elephant village”. It is also an another and good place for getting the elephant safari in Jaipur, where you can take the complete enjoyment with elephants according to your choice in the natural environment.

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Amazing Elephant ride in Amer jaipur

elephant ride in jaipur

One of the highlights of a visit to the amazing, Amer Fort is the chance to ride an elephant up the hill to the main entrance. These wonderful animals are decorated with traditional painted patterns and effortlessly transport visitors up the sharp slope to the fort. The Amer Fort elephant safari in jaipur is a fantastic experience, but visitors must arrive early to guarantee a safari and expect to suffer from touts and haggling.

The Amer Fort elephant Ride in jaipur costs Rs1000 for two people and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for the elephant to slowly trudge up the hillside to the main courtyard. The Jaipur government fixes these rates, so touts who try to sell more costly pre-booked rides are simply conning visitors.

elephant safari in jaipur

There are approximately 50 elephants, which carry up 800 visitors per day. There is a limit to the total number of journeys each elephant can do in a day and this has been introduced to arrest, over working the elephants, and manageable animal cruelty. It is therefore recommended to visit the Amer Fort early in the day, to contract a ride and avoid the queues. During the tourist time most of the elephants have finished their quote of safari by 11:00 am. As there is such demand for the rides there is no chance of haggling the price down.

On the way up, the driver will ask for a remarkable tip either for himself or to feed the elephant, while a photographer will appear to take a photo and pester the tourist later. The elephant safari is in only one direction heading from the car park up to the main courtyard. The welfare of the elephants has amazing, improved, but the tourist facilitates have not. Many visitors find themselves stood for a long time, under the intense sun waiting for a safari. It is strongly advised to arrive early!

The conditions and discussion of the elephants has greatly improved over the last years. Originally, the elephants would work all day and carry four passengers plus driver. Today the elephants are limited to 5 trips and carry only 2 passengers.



Elephant Ride Adventure Fun in Rajasthan

What can be better than a elephant ride to the land of royalty, probably the first tourist destination that comes to the mind when one plans a trip in the county, exploring the incredible landscape of Rajasthan on Elephants, holiday elephant ride tours discovering the vibrant culture & magnificence –palaces, fortresses, rural scape, food, traditions, crafts, natural terrains among others.! Here are a few tours spanning the vast expanse of the state of Rajasthan as suited to your needs, taste & budget on a Elephant safari in jaipur .

Not only is Rajasthan the land of the Royals, but also prosperous in culture & tradition, the rural scape offering an insight into the very colourful & vibrant tribal ethos, the lesser known scenery,spanned across the land with a range of experiences & inter-mingling with its people & hospitality, local cultures & heritage, capturing the beauty of the heart of its countryside & the charm of the bustling Rajasthani life. The people, scape tours cover the folk culture that lie beyond the royal luxuries, all about cycling through remote villages & back roads,traditional food & their distinct flavours, folklore & music, among others, set amidst the rugged terrain.

The luxury of the Royal Elephant Safari is what evokes the charm of the magnificence of the Royals of Rajasthan – elephant ride in jaipur excursions to the hill forts & palaces, many of them having been converted to heritage hotels, a assignation; with the extravagance of majestic opulence. It is the perfect tour to let out your inner regal, indulging in the luxuries of authentic royal lifestyle & enjoy the rich and varied history of Northern India, art & architecture etc. – a luxury Elephant Safari to iconic destinations like , Jaipur etc. giving you the ride of your life.

NATURE LOVERS for safari
Apart from all the royalty & regal luxury,, Rajasthan is also known for its natural landscapes, ranging from rugged terrains, desserts, forests, a few among others. The land is home to a wide assortment of flora & fauna – what with its sightseeing tours exploring the unconvincing, landscape & wildlife of Rajasthan on two wheels, the sacred forests as preserved by the  Ranthambore National Park famous for its tigers, Bharatpur Bird hideaway, etc. It is an ideal trip to bring out the adventurer in you, discovering the realms of nature, the flora & fauna, bird watching, sightseeing, hiking, trekking, camping, mountain bike riding & all Elephant Fun in Rajasthan.

The Cityscape safari  tours go about the specific city tours, take your pick & traverse, the heart & countryside of your chosen destination – the folk centres, local cuisine, the arts & crafts of the region, the heritage sites, interacting with the locals, living the regular life, sightseeing, historical traditions among others.

Relaxing Jaipur Elephant fun Holidays

From all the Asia destinations available for going on holidays, Rajasthan India occupies a place among the top ten. Activities are diverse and they may go from sightseeing to extreme sports practices in the Rajasthan desert.  We can find the town of jaipur, this small town displays elephant ride full of beauty and tourist services to ensure pleasant holidays for all those individuals who are looking for a mix of energy and relaxation.

Located in the beautiful Rajasthan, this elephant Fun offers among many other services, the Elephant Ride in Jaipur. Body and mind can find within the elephant fun the necessary balance to recover from all the damage produced by everyday stress and it will allow visitors to enjoy the peace and quiet that can only be truly experienced being in the cozy town of jaipur.

Nowadays leading a very busy life can bring about so many aches, uneasiness or physical discomfort that it becomes a health measure to take a break. This could be done by enjoying the elephanr ride  and using their available rajasthan,. The elephant fun offers much more than a Elephant safari in jaipur, that is for sure.

Besides this, there is also an adjoining massage elephant fun, where highly specialized personnel will take care of you.

  1. Helps your elephant fun ride.
  2. Reduces your stress.
  3. Reduces body tension by the stimulation of the fun ride.

Most of these benefits are due to the first point on the list, the improvement of circulation. Having all these wonderful health benefits – while enjoying the magnificent Elephant fun ride in jaipur Rajasthan holiday is able to offer to visitors all throughout the year.

Some people (depending on their personal habits or style) may prefer other types of relaxation methods, and these may include using the sauna service offered by the elephant fun.

When is the best time to Elephant fun Jaipur?

A question frequently asked by Elephant Ride and elephant safari in jaipur, and the answer isn’t a simple one, but we will give it a go!

If its a question of budget, then, without a doubt, the best time to go would be during one of Elephant Fun Free’ periods. To clarify, if you stay in Elephant fun Jaipur is included, free of charge. If you prefer to stay in a hotel for a minimum stay of four nights, then each person will also receive a free elephant ride commensurate with the length of stay.

Although you will have to pay for your elephant ride in jaipur , in this writer’s opinion, the best time to elephant fun. Package prices are low; the elephant fun safari isn’t busy and moe often than not, January brings elephant ride.

As winter gives way to spring, the days lengthen, there is more sunshine and temperatures start to rise. Spring skiing can combine the best of everything – sunny days, tanned faces, spring snow conditions and in the run up to ‘elephant ride fun the slopes aren’t too busy at all.

If budget is no problem, its hard to beat a Christmas or New Year break in the elephant fun jaipur. Yes, the elephant fun will be very busy, and accommodation can be pricey.


Are you ready for jaipur Elephant fun holidays?

This summer is waiting for travellers to make up their minds and start going up and down the globe looking for exciting experiences and going through the beaten and off the beaten track. Touristic places are all over the world and summer is the perfect moment to visit them and create the memories of a lifetime. Most people would love going on a tour and spending a few minutes in many touristic attractions. But for those who prefer to really enjoy a place to its fullest; Italy definitively gives various pleasure options. Jaipur. One of the best holiday destinations ever and Elephant Ride in Jaipur is just waiting for a click.

Sometimes when looking for our favourite destination we can get lost among all the options found on the Internet. In some cases, we do not know how to find exactly what we are looking for. Browsers and WebPages show so much information that the user can get confused. Elephant Fun Jaipur will help you find those extra features that you have in your mind for your next holidays. Finding a room to spend a pleasant and empowering experience is a lot easier this way.

Elephant Fun is a small Agency located in jaipur. It offers to visitors a Elephant Ride and multiple activities that can boost your energy levels so as to assure you an exciting trip. In the summer, temperatures in jaipur reach 28°C, which is perfect for a walk or a ride in the Elephants. The associations involved in sports, more than 20 in the area, have played an important role in the development of many successful young athletes.

Summer Activities in jaipur

For those looking for a mixture of nature and a good sweat, jaipur summer time may have the necessary conditions for an enjoyable stay. You could go trekking, which would give you the time to experience nature from a closer point of view, feeling the grass under your feet, observing how your body reacts to height and new oxygen levels may give you an experience that will stay in your mind forever.

If trekking is too slow for you, and you are thinking of something else, faster and more challenging, a mountain ride is then the best option. In this case, your body will feel the breeze and the bumps in the road while your mind gets enough stimulation from the outstanding surroundings.

While some holidays are booked and offer traditional touristic guidance, booking Elephant Ride in jaipur  will be of great help and will give you more options for that especial holiday that your deserve. Having the family travelling with you can also represent a challenge for most destinations, but in Elephant Fun Jaipur, there is highly trained personnel that can take care of details so that you have the opportunity to truly relax and enjoy your free time.

For More Info: Elephant Safari in Jaipur

Exhausting holidays in Elephant fun jaipur? Never again!

People from all over the world are many times during the day, under a lot of stress. They experience pain in different areas, such as their neck, back, and head. This pain is usually associated with stress and most of the time going on holidays seems to be a perfect solution. But without proper care and assistance from trained personnel, holidays can be exhausting.  Elephant Fun in Jaipur offers visitors a relaxing opportunity to fight stress and go back home fresh as new.

Have you experience those short time, in front of the computer, when you have to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing rhythm to calm a beat headache? If your answer was affirmative you may be facing a very bad and stressful situation. Everybody experiences stress. Scientifically some pressure is good for your body. It keeps you alert and may save you from real risk. But, what happens if we are constantly alert and there is no real risk ahead? Our body starts to get loaded with stress that is not being free, and may alter our body functions.

So, to avoid stress you decide to go on holiday, take a trip and that’s it. This is a common mistake. Sometimes travelling is not enough to relieve tension. Sometimes we go back home feeling more tired and stressed than at the beginning. So what is the solution? Easy, and effortless, no lies here, relaxing. Relaxation is what eases tension, and therefore gives the body a pause from being alert the whole time. Day off, are a good option, and if you can relax it becomes a better option.

In the borders between Jaipur Rajasthan and nearby area, there is a small and traditional town. It offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy natural Elephant ride in jaipur and also some hotels that have become top of the list when it comes to relaxing and comfort Elephant Safari yourself. The Elephant Fun Charme elephant ride and safari, located in Jaipur.

The Elephant safari at the hotel offers in jaipur , a luxury ride . For those who do not know how these practices work the clarification is quite simple. Massage sessions, on the other hand, offer as well, multiple benefits.

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Amazing Elephant Ride in jaipur holidays 2017

There are endless possibilities of amusement in jaipur Rajasthan and its surroundings like Elephant Fun in jaipur. Do you prefer the summer time? Do you like the Elephant Ride in jaipur that naturally forms in the Amer Fort jaipur instead? Anytime of the year is suitable to come to this destination that attracts thousands of visitors every season. No matter what you are looking for, the natural perfect beauty of the environment will provide you with an uncontested stage for your holidays in 2017.

See places in Elephant fun Jaipur

The Lake of Elephant Fun Jaipur is one must-visit location where you can enjoy the sights with complete freedom, especially in holidays. The lake allows you to practice some popular activities, such as Elephant Ride In jaipur. You can also elephant safari alongside the stream of water to have a complete perspective of the place. In holidays, the summer and winter carpet provides a very different aspect to this location which the visitors can also enjoy.

Elephant Safari in jaipur.

The Elephant fun in jaipur holiday is perhaps the most popular claim in this destination provided that the Elephant Ride in jaipur have a lot of advertising, adrenaline and cannot be practiced everywhere. If there is a place that has the better-prepared facilities and the most amazing Elephant ride place in jaipur that must be this lovely ride.

The Elephant Safari in jaipur holiday is a truism, in this village provided that such a large number of tourists come to visit the natural environment that flashes those who live in the urban areas. If you want to escape from the daily routine, come to this village for a weekend break or during a bank holiday.

Provided that the itineraries have been boosted in the past decades, now it is possible to arrive in this town within a 2-hour drive from the closest airport. Therefore, short but intense weekend breaks are completely feasible.

Do activities holidays

Try the Elephant Safari in jaipur. There is no other way around this if you come in holidays. Either the Elephant Ride and Elephant safari in jaipur, that is your choice but do not leave this magic place without feeling the adrenaline that will pump through your veins as you ride an elephant.

On the other hand, walk around and feel the warmth of the sun in summer. The village is located in a lovely environment where you can get lost comfortably the more you know, the more you will like to come back again and again. After a day in holidays, there is no better choice than Elephant ride on the Elephant Fun.

Elephant fun ride in amer jaipur


Thousands of tourists arrive in the jaipur (Rajasthan) every season looking for the Elephants and Travel place. There are several options regarding accommodation in this unique spot Amer Fort in Jaipur . In summer or winter, the outdoor trekking experiences assure enough amusement to fill your stay in jaipur

Customize your vacations

In such a popular destination in jaipur , there is a wide range of service, to try, Elephants fun to visit and services to enjoy. Elephant fun has a special surprise for every visitor who comes to enjoy the Elephant ride in jaipur .

So, one question we suggest customers is how they can customize their stay in the jaipur Rajasthan. Actually, the large variety of Services and activities which you can choose here are some pieces of advice which will be really useful for setting up your holidays.

  •  First, travel in advance.jaipur is a demanded destination due to the increasing popularity of the Amer fort jaipur. Although there are several elephants you can ride comfortably, not all of them have the same quality or the additional amenity, at your disposal that the most prestigious inns offer by default, such as the Charme Elephant Ride in jaipur for instances.
    •    Know the services. Now that you have booked your stay for the days you wanted to visit Jaipur Elephant fun ,  it is time to read the information web page that your elephants ride provides. On that Website, you will be able to understand your choice, in order to make better use of the offers at your disposal. For instance, the Charme Elephant Ride in Jaipur services and help to their guests.
    •    Prioritize your time. So far, you know your alternatives in the Elephant fun Jaipur. All you need to do is decide where you want to go first and prioritize to get the best out of your stay in the jaipur .
    •    Have elephant safari in jaipur and enjoy.At the end, you should enjoy your holidays above all. Then, forget the concerns that ride you crazy at home and feel the wonderful of the Alps while you stay in this lovely elephant ride in any season of the year.

The large majority of the Elephant ride in jaipur offers a wide range of services that you will be able to enjoy during your stay. However, some elephant fun jaipur provide more quality in these services, such as the Charme Elephant safari. The combination of Travel & elephant ride services with elephant fun lessons will completely change your perspective of vacations forever. 


4 Reasons why Amer Fort, Jaipur is Special

People from all over the Globe visit Jaipur during all seasons in India. Why? Well there are many reasons. But let’s get into the briefs. Jaipur is the city with heritage ranging during the eras of the great rulers who has ruled the “Pink City”. Well the city has developed into one the best planned cities of the nation. But with those developments still the relics and the Structures are kept preserved as they were during the time they were built. Having the best Elephant Ride in Jaipur with the relics is too home to many elephants, Camels, Peacocks and many other birds. You will find the best peace and harmony to come and visit Jaipur. Now here are few key points that Amer Fort one of the Best Sights for you to see in Jaipur.


The History: Yes, this is quite a certain and most important factor that makes this ancient Structure Special. Build by the Meenas consecrated to “Amba” popularly known as “Queen of the Pass”. The history revolves around many rulers who have ruled and mentored the whole monument in which with passing time many new additions were done.

The Elephant Ride:  In Jaipur these lovely, adorable creatures are widely accepted as their own animals. They are kept by the tamers and mostly found in the regions of the Amer where they are the one the best attractions of the whole tourists. People enjoy their rides while on the long climb to the top of the Amer Fort. Widely coming from all over India they are really very special. The tamers decorate them very beautifully with colors and with best attire Clothes which makes the journey through the gates of Amer fort feel Royal to the tourists.


The Tourists:  Well this is also a Plus point as if you visit Amer fort or Jaipur, you will found hundreds of tourists from all over the globe coming to visit Jaipur and the Whole Rajasthan. Majorly the tourists comprise of Chinese and Japanese from Asia and many people from Thailand and Indonesia too come to visit Jaipur. Leaving them People from the European too visit the Place in Groups. So if you are planning to visit Rajasthan, do come to Amer to at least feel the presence to Foreign Tourists with you.

The Construction: Well the Construction is just awe inspiring to anyone who loves ancient Structures. Spanning over 4 KM and located 11km away from Main City Jaipur, this structures was built by the Famous “Meena” Tribe of Jaipur. The Whole fort is known for its Hindu Artistic Styles with numerous gates and cobbled paths.

The Greenery, Highlands and many other factors and elephant Safari in Jaipur are many of the Factors which makes this Monument a Special Place to visit These Holidays. Open all Seasons We at Elephant Fun will be waiting for you with Best Elephant Fun Ride in Jaipur. For more Blog Posts please stay in Touch for more interesting facts and New news on the Tourist Attractions.

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